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Web terminal

Trading terminal accessible from any laptop

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Middle office
OTC trading
Order management system
KYC and compliance
Regulatory reporting
Deposits and withdrawals
Spreads, fees and markups
Risk management
Trade settlement
Market data
Bloomberg EMSX API
Back office operations
Copy trading
Liquidity management
Corporate actions

Unity Trader app

Advanced trading journey for professionals

Administrative terminal

Control all business processes from a single interface

Unity Investment app

Innovative experience for retail investors

What makes Unity different?

Our unique product seamlessly combines all necessary components to ensure the successful operation of your business


Forex, equities, bonds, CFDs, indices, commodities, ETFs, structured and OTC products, options, futures, derivatives, crypto and many more


Display your products on the showcase of our application and capture users' attention with curated advisory content


Crafted to be highly intuitive, the system is easily customizable to cater to the preferences of a diverse number of business cases

Who is Unity's client?

Brokerage company

  • Tailor your spreads, markups, and commissions to your preferences
  • Control clients risk exposure
  • Check built-in regulatory reporting features


  • Allow your clients to trade with cash and marginal instruments
  • Fulfil back-office operations and present your trading and banking products on a dedicated showcase

Crypto exchange

  • Empower your clients to choose from cryptocurrencies in both cash and CFD formats
  • Expand your liquidity sources by connecting with other exchanges and tailor the system to meet your specific needs

OTC brokerage

  • Set up all OTC trading configurations
  • Manually execute your clients' orders
  • Monitor the real-time order blotter

Investment fund

  • Integrate your strategies and products into the Unity Investments App showcase and guide your clients through curated advisory modules.

Prop-trading company

  • Fine-tune your risk-free profits
  • Conduct contests
  • Find most talanted portfolio managers

White-label management

Explore the solutions of our current clients or share multiple white-labels of your trading platform with other market participants, add your trading conditions, and generate revenue from trading.

Market access

If you are looking for sources of liquidity, we are delighted to introduce you to our existing clients who can provide price feeds on all major markets.

Turn-key solution

Build-up your product faster with our ready-made solutions tailored for small companies and start-ups. Acquire the platform with essential integrations and plugged-in liquidity.

About Unity

We are a dynamic trading software company with two offices - in United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates.

The product has been developed by the team of professionals with 25+ years experience in finances and trading platform industry.

Our mission is to provide you with the best trading software for your clients that will help you to open new horizons in business.


Financial instruments


Liquidity sources


Support assistance


Countries served


Discover solutions to frequently asked questions regarding our platform, mobile apps, and more.

Can a trader use Unity platform?

Yes, Unity is suitable for traders of varying trading experience. You are not able to trade directly with Unity, but you can do so with a brokerage company, we can introduce you to one of our current customers who will be happy to assist.

How much does the solution cost?

The pricing model depends on the number of active clients and the scope of works for integrating the necessary services. Please contact our Sales Team in order to get more details.

Can I integrate my liquidity provider?

For sure, you can choose any liquidity provider or agregator.

Can I get a demo?

Please make an enquiry from the box below or contact our Sales Team for getting a demo and scheduling a call.

Free access to our demo-terminal

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