Who is Unity's client?

Brokerage company

  • Tailor your spreads, markups, and commissions to your preferences
  • Control clients risk exposure
  • Check built-in regulatory reporting features


  • Allow your clients to trade with cash and marginal instruments
  • Fulfil back-office operations and present your trading and banking products on a dedicated showcase

Crypto exchange

  • Empower your clients to choose from cryptocurrencies in both cash and CFD formats
  • Expand your liquidity sources by connecting with other exchanges and tailor the system to meet your specific needs

OTC brokerage

  • Set up all OTC trading configurations
  • Manually execute your clients' orders
  • Monitor the real-time order blotter

Investment fund

  • Integrate your strategies and products into the Unity Investments App showcase and guide your clients through curated advisory modules.

Prop-trading company

  • Fine-tune your risk-free profits
  • Conduct contests
  • Find most talanted portfolio managers

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