Unity Investments app

Experience the next-generation app equipped with integrated analytics, advisory, and marketing content.


Add your products to the showcase of the application and guide your clients through various investment options.

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Highly intuitive interface

Our application caters to different end users, including professional traders and investors without experience. The interface is user-friendly and can be translated into any language.

Highly Intuitive
Bult In Advisory

Built-in advisory services

Develop multiple instrument collections, spotlight significant topics in the stories, and publish articles from your analytical team on the dedicated showcase.

Become client’s guide to markets

Grant your client access to portfolio dynamic revaluation tools, subscription to various trading ideas and signals, as well as insights about new investment opportunities.

Become Clients Guide


Discover solutions to frequently asked questions regarding our platform, mobile apps, and more.

Is the app available for both iOS and Android?

Yes, the application is available for both stores: App Store and Google Play.

Is it published from the Unity’s account in stores?

No, the application is published from Client’s account in respective store.

Can I change the content of the application?

For sure, you can add any type of content with the help of the Administrative terminal. Please get in touch with our team to discover more details.

Can I get a demo?

Please make an enquiry from the box below or contact our Sales Team for getting a demo and scheduling a call.

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